Julius Dobos

Distinguished Lecturer at Cogswell College Founding Composer at The Creative Shop

"Robert demonstrates a deep interest in audio and has clearly shown a level of commitment necessary to succeed in the recording studio.


Robert’s performance in sound design, audio engineering and post mixing various projects has been outstanding. His motivation doesn’t diminish where challenges present themselves – quite the opposite. His willingness and ability to solve problems, as well as being a team player have made a significant difference in the outcome of several projects I lead.


When I’m in need of a reliable freelance recording engineer, Robert is one of the few on the top of my list."

James E. Swanson

Drum Dept. Manager at Guitar Showcase Session Musician

"Robert contracted me to record for a piece that he was working on. I must say, without reservation, that I had never seen an engineer as fluent with the Pro Tools program as Robert was. He made it look easy! I have had sessions where I felt that time had literally "stood still" while waiting for an engineer to fix something or another.


Robert's hard work consistantly makes others' jobs easier while his intelligence and sense of humor just makes work more fun! The combination of his kind demeanor, technical prowess, and attention to detail will be an asset to any project. I can't wait for the chance to work with my friend again."


James M. Sealy

Manager at Guitar Showcase

"Robert is always prompt, punctual, and polite. He is well-liked and works very well with others. His attention to detail is impressive and his versatility makes him a very valuable asset to any business. He is a downright dependable and trustworthy human being."



David Gakle

Owner and Studio Manager at Suspect Studios

"His knowledge of Pro Tools is impressive. His speed and editing skills keep sessions he works on moving smoothly. Additionally, his production suggestions during mix sessions are both musical and creative."

Dan Aronie

General Manager at Guitar Showcase

"Robert is a true professional and (I don't say this lightly) one of my favorite people to ever work with. He will always have a position available for him if he needs it."



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